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Will NATO Membership Draw the U.S. into the Syrian Conflict?

Military tensions between Syria and Turkey have risen dramatically in the last two days. After shooting down a Turkish fighter jet in June, Syrian government forces reportedly fired into Turkish territory and killed five civilians yesterday. Turkey has responded by … Continue reading


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The Libya Intervention: Legality and Lessons (Part II)

In my previous post, I discussed the legal merits and some of the practical consequences of NATO’s intervention in Libya. The legal analysis in that post focused exclusively on international law. The intervention, however, also raised important questions under U.S. … Continue reading

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The Libya Intervention: Legality and Lessons (Part I)

With the NATO action in Libya winding down, now seems to be a good time to take stock of the debate over the legality and practical implications of the intervention. What are the merits of the major legal arguments? What … Continue reading

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