Articles & Book Chapters

Ad Hoc Diplomats, 68 Duke L.J. (forthcoming 2018) [SSRN]

Egocentric Bias in Perceptions of Customary International Lawin International Law as Behavior (Harlan G. Cohen & Timothy Meyer eds., forthcoming Cambridge University Press) [SSRN]

International Law in National Schools, 92 Ind. L.J. 1449 (2017) [SSRN]

How Cosmopolitan Are International Law Professors?, 38 Mich. J. Int’l L. 119 (2016) (with Milan Markovic) [SSRN]

Finding Customary International Law, 101 Iowa L. Rev. 1893 (2016) [SSRN]

Legislative Diplomacy, 112 Mich. L. Rev. 331 (2013) [SSRN]

The New General Common Law of Severability, 91 Tex. L. Rev. 543 (2013) [SSRN]

Symposium Essays & Other Projects

The Ethics of Baiting and Switching in Law Review Submissions, 101 Marq. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2018) (symposium essay)

A Global Survey on the Study of International Law (2015) –

Compelled Diplomacy in Zivotofsky v. Kerry, 9 N.Y.U. J.L. & Liberty 148 (2015) (invited essay) [SSRN]

A Defense of Japanese Sovereignty Over the Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands, 46 Geo. Wash. Int’l L. Rev. 571 (2014) [SSRN], reprinted in China-Japan Border Disputes: Islands of Contention in Multidisciplinary Perspective (Ashgate 2015) (invited essay)

Online Commentary

The Divisible College of International Lawyers, Lawfare (Oct. 30, 2017) (reviewing Anthea Roberts, Is International Law International? (OUP 2017)) [link]

Should the Senate Give Advice and Consent on Special Envoys?, Lawfare (Aug. 31, 2017) [link]

The Appointments Clause as a Hurdle to the President’s Trade Agenda, Lawfare (Apr. 24, 2017) [link]

A Closer Look at Congressional Foreign Travel, Lawfare (Mar. 2, 2017) [link]

A Legal Analysis of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s Trip to Syria, Lawfare (Feb. 14, 2017) [link]

The South China Sea Arbitration: Implications for the Senkaku Islands, Lawfare (July 18, 2016) [link]

International Law from a Cuban Perspective, Lawfare (Feb. 8, 2016) [link]

How Do American Courts (and Scholars) Ascertain Customary International Law?, Lawfare (Oct. 29, 2015) [link]

Legislative Diplomacy After Zivotofsky, Lawfare (June 15, 2015) [link]

The Role of Foreign Perceptions in Zivotofsky v. Kerry, Lawfare (June 12, 2015) [link]

Why Teaching International Law in American Universities Matters, Just Security (Mar. 6, 2015) [link]

Boehner Invites Bibi: A Closer Look at Historical Practice, Just Security (Jan. 27, 2015) [link]

Sorry, China: Japan Has the Better Claim Over the Senkakus, The National Interest (Jan. 11, 2015) [link]

Japan: “No Dispute” Over the Senkaku/ Diaoyu, The Diplomat (Dec. 24, 2014) [link]

De Jure and de Facto Recognition as a Framework for Zivotofsky, Opinio Juris (Apr. 30, 2014) [link]


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