U.S. State Agreements with Foreign Governments (W.S. Hein & Co., forthcoming 2023) (co-edited with Mitchell Knief)

Law Review Articles

The International Commitments of the Fifty States, 70 UCLA L. Rev. (forthcoming 2023) [SSRN]

U.S. Foreign Relations Law from the Outside In, 47 Yale J. Int’l L. 1 (2022) [SSRN]

Unqualified Ambassadors, 69 Duke L.J. 71 (2019) [SSRN]

Who Studies International Law? Explaining Cross-National Variation in Compulsory International Legal Education, 30 Eur. J. Int’l L. 481 (2019) (with Mark Berlin) [SSRN]

Ad Hoc Diplomats, 68 Duke L.J. 907 (2019) [SSRN]

International Law in National Schools, 92 Ind. L.J. 1449 (2017) [SSRN]

How Cosmopolitan Are International Law Professors?, 38 Mich. J. Int’l L. 119 (2016) (with Milan Markovic) [SSRN]

Finding Customary International Law, 101 Iowa L. Rev. 1893 (2016) [SSRN]

Legislative Diplomacy, 112 Mich. L. Rev. 331 (2013) [SSRN]

The New General Common Law of Severability, 91 Tex. L. Rev. 543 (2013) [SSRN]

Invited Book Chapters & Symposium Essays

Egocentric Bias in Perceptions of Customary International Lawin International Law as Behavior (Harlan G. Cohen & Timothy Meyer eds., 2021) [SSRN]

Toward Meta-Knowledge of Foreign Relations Law in U.S.-Japan Relations, in Strengthening the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Pathways for Bridging Law and Policy 196 (Nobuhisa Ishizuka, Masahiro Kurosaki & Matthew Waxman eds., 2020) [link]

The Ethics of Baiting and Switching in Law Review Submissions, 101 Marq. L. Rev. 1075 (2018) [SSRN]

Compelled Diplomacy in Zivotofsky v. Kerry, 9 N.Y.U. J.L. & Liberty 148 (2015) [SSRN]

A Defense of Japanese Sovereignty Over the Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands, 46 Geo. Wash. Int’l L. Rev. 571 (2014) [SSRN], reprinted in China-Japan Border Disputes: Islands of Contention in Multidisciplinary Perspective (Tim F. Liao, Kimie Hara & Krista Wiegand eds., 2015)

Online Commentary

New Evidence on the Role of Subnational Diplomacy in China’s Pursuit of U.S. Technology, Lawfare (June 10, 2022) [link]

An Important Development in the Law of Diplomatic Appointments, Lawfare (Jan. 31, 2022) [link]

H-Diplo Roundtable (Feb. 6, 2021) (reviewing Michael Poznansky, In the Shadow of International Law (Cornell University Press 2020)) [link]

New Evidence of Secret International Agreements, Lawfare (Feb. 19, 2020) [link]

Does Giuliani’s Work in Ukraine Violate the Appointments Clause?, Lawfare (Oct. 1, 2019) [link]

How, and How Often, Do Legal Academics Use FOIA?, Lawfare (Mar. 4, 2019) [link]

Troubling Trends in Ambassadorial Appointments: 1980 to the Present, Lawfare (Feb. 20, 2019) [link]

Can the President Cut Support for Congressional Foreign Travel During the Shutdown?, Lawfare (Jan. 22, 2019) [link]

Can the Pentagon Restrict Congressional Foreign Travel?, Lawfare (May 30, 2018) [link]

The Divisible College of International Lawyers, Lawfare (Oct. 30, 2017) (reviewing Anthea Roberts, Is International Law International? (OUP 2017)) [link]

Should the Senate Give Advice and Consent on Special Envoys?, Lawfare (Aug. 31, 2017) [link]

The Appointments Clause as a Hurdle to the President’s Trade Agenda, Lawfare (Apr. 24, 2017) [link]

A Closer Look at Congressional Foreign Travel, Lawfare (Mar. 2, 2017) [link]

A Legal Analysis of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s Trip to Syria, Lawfare (Feb. 14, 2017) [link]

The South China Sea Arbitration: Implications for the Senkaku Islands, Lawfare (July 18, 2016) [link]

International Law from a Cuban Perspective, Lawfare (Feb. 8, 2016) [link]

How Do American Courts (and Scholars) Ascertain Customary International Law?, Lawfare (Oct. 29, 2015) [link]

Legislative Diplomacy After Zivotofsky, Lawfare (June 15, 2015) [link]

The Role of Foreign Perceptions in Zivotofsky v. Kerry, Lawfare (June 12, 2015) [link]

Why Teaching International Law in American Universities Matters, Just Security (Mar. 6, 2015) [link]

Boehner Invites Bibi: A Closer Look at Historical Practice, Just Security (Jan. 27, 2015) [link]

Sorry, China: Japan Has the Better Claim Over the Senkakus, The National Interest (Jan. 11, 2015) [link]

Japan: “No Dispute” Over the Senkaku/ Diaoyu, The Diplomat (Dec. 24, 2014) [link]

De Jure and de Facto Recognition as a Framework for Zivotofsky, Opinio Juris (Apr. 30, 2014) [link]


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