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A Few Points on Syria

So many people have written about the looming Syria intervention that it’s hard to add much to the conversion, but I’d like to make a few quick points. First, regardless of what happens, international law has been a (surprisingly?) big … Continue reading

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Litigation Over the U.S. Role in the Iranian Coup

Yesterday Iran’s parliament approved a bill requiring the Iranian government to sue the United States in international court for orchestrating the 1953 coup against Mohammad Mosaddegh. Given the timing, I’m guessing that the National Security Archive prompted this move by … Continue reading

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Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Lively

Last week a federal district court in Massachusetts issued a somewhat surprising opinion on the Alien Tort Statute. The plaintiff alleged that a U.S. citizen named Scott Lively committed crimes against humanity by engaging in anti-gay advocacy in Uganda, including … Continue reading

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Egypt & the Take Care Clause

In the course of recent debates over how to respond to the events in Egypt, many have pointed out that the central legal question is whether Section 508 of the Foreign Assistance Act obligates the President to cancel hundreds of … Continue reading

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A Response to the Bolton & Yoo Op-ed on the Arms Trade Treaty

A few months ago John Bolton and John Yoo published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal criticizing the Obama Administration for promoting U.S. ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty, which the UN General Assembly adopted in April. The op-ed argues that … Continue reading

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A Comment on the Future of the Senkaku / Diaoyu Dispute

James Holmes from the Naval War College posted a good article at Foreign Policy on the growing strength of the Chinese navy. He acknowledges limits to the force’s current capabilities and a number of unknowns about the potency of its armaments and … Continue reading

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Japan’s Vulnerability Under the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty

Many have noted that the U.S.-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security could pull the United States into the dispute between Japan and China over the Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands by obligating the United States to come to Japan’s defense … Continue reading

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