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Ruling on the Motion to Dismiss in the Navy/ Fukushima Litigation

A few days ago the district court in the Navy/ Fukushima litigation (Cooper v. TEPCO) issued a ruling on TEPCO’s motion to dismiss. Key takeaways: the court dismissed the plaintiffs’ claims for design defect and intentional infliction of emotional distress, along … Continue reading


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Thoughts on the Navy / Fukushima Litigation

There’s an important lawsuit currently pending in federal court in San Diego. In this post, I’ll provide a brief summary and then highlight an intriguing legal question that the parties haven’t addressed. First the summary: Two months ago, a class … Continue reading

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Complaint in the Navy / TEPCO Radiation Case

I haven’t seen this online anywhere, so I’m posting the amended complaint filed against Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) by the class of U.S. Navy sailors who suffered radiation exposure after Fukushima. It’s here. Also, here’s the defendant’s response, which seeks dismissal on the … Continue reading

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Fukushima and the Law of the Sea

Two days ago, Japan’s nuclear regulatory agency disclosed estimates of the volume of radioactive material that has escaped from the Fukushima reactor complex since the March earthquake and tsunami. The agency estimates that the emitted volume of radioactive cesium is approximately 168 … Continue reading

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